A unique control is the drag and drop control. Dragging files so they can be used or uploaded online or from the internet and onto your desktop. This is also used on tumblr with the actual posts in your queue. Being able to rearrange posts like they’re postit notes. More and more applications and websites … Continue reading


3 contrasting examples of imperative controls A link button used on Oprah Winfrey’s website. The button is made a highlight colour which pops out. After a little blurb it says “Get complete blahblah” and then the button is placed underneath with a call-for-action which if I wanted to know more about the show, I’d click … Continue reading

DSGN 106 5.1

Let me start off by saying how difficult it was to watch Bear 71 and interact with the site itself. Watching animals, innocently living in the wild, treated so harshly by humans was very heart wrenching. But that was the message of the creators. They wanted to immerse the user in reality with videos of … Continue reading

DSGN 101

Stay Cool from Shayla Desjarlais on Vimeo. Podcast Soundscape from Shayla Desjarlais on Vimeo.

DSGN 106 – 4.1 4.2

Facebook’s desktop site has every navigation element in front of you. Either on the sides or along the top with the newsfeed in the center of the page. As well as ads. On the top right there are the regular Friend Request, Messages, and Notification icons. My Groups and apps are along the left side … Continue reading

DGTL 105 Videos

Stop Motion DTGL 105 Stop Motion from Shayla Desjarlais on Vimeo. Shot List from Shayla Desjarlais on Vimeo. How To from Shayla Desjarlais on Vimeo. Soundscape from Shayla Desjarlais on Vimeo. Interviews from Shayla Desjarlais on Vimeo.

DSGN 106- LO1

I chose to blog about a unique app interface that I had come across called “Corkulous”. Like fabulous but cork, I guess. Anyways, it’s basically a digital corkboard. I tried it out and it was super easy to navigate and use. The first time I tried it, there was info on how to use Corkulous. … Continue reading


A good example of a website using interactivity is Beyonce’s website. http://www.beyonce.com/The large colourful backgrounds are reminiscent of a fashion magazine while the menu/navigation slides to reveal content on the website itself. Again with a magazine-esque style, you flip through the news section which uses large photos in the menu. Can my future personal website … Continue reading